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Exam Code Exam Name Vendor Certifications
642-176 Small Medium Business for Engineers Cisco Sales Expert
642-181 Cisco Unified Presence Design and Implementation Cisco Sales Expert
642-185 ITSI Implementing Cisco TelePresence Solutions Immersive Cisco Sales Expert
642-188 ITI Implementing Cisco TelePresence Installations Cisco Sales Expert
646-171 Small Medium Business for Account Managers Cisco Sales Expert
646-202 Sales Expert Cisco Sales Expert Exam (CSE) Cisco Sales Expert
646-203 Cisco Sales Expert(CSE) Cisco Sales Expert
646-204 Cisco Sales Expert Cisco Sales Expert
646-205 Cisco Sales Expert Cisco Sales Expert
646-206 Cisco Sales Expert Cisco Sales Expert
646-230 Advanced Unified Communications AM Cisco Sales Expert
650-026 Cisco Digital Media System for Account Managers Cisco Sales Expert
650-027 Cisco Digital Media System for SE/FE Cisco Sales Expert
650-059 LCSARS Cisco Lifecycle Services Advanced Routing and Switching Cisco Sales Expert
650-173 Communications System for Account Managers Cisco Sales Expert
650-175 SMBAM - SMB Specialization for Account Managers Cisco Sales Expert
650-177 SMB Solutions for Account Managers Cisco Sales Expert
650-178 Communications System for Engineers Cisco Sales Expert
650-180 SMB Solutions for Engineers Cisco Sales Expert
650-195 SMBEN - SMB Solutions for Engineers Cisco Sales Expert
650-322 SP Video Phase I Cisco Sales Expert
650-393 LCSE Cisco Lifecycle Services Express Cisco Sales Expert
650-568 Web Security for Field Engineers Cisco Sales Expert
650-575 Cisco Lifecycle Services Advanced Security Cisco Sales Expert
650-621 Advanced Wireless LAN Cisco Sales Expert